Virtual RS232 Port Driver

Virtual Serial Port Driver 6 new

Fully emulates RS232 port connection by creating virtual serial port pairs connected via virtual null-modem cable.
  • No null-modem cables or other hardware
  • Any number of virtual com port pairs
  • Complete resemblance with real serial ports
  • Different signal lines settings are available
With Virtual Serial Port Driver you can emulate real RS232 ports and transfer any data between applications which are virtually connected to each other.
Virtual RS232 Port ActiveX Control

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control

Allows your application to create custom additional virtual rs232 ports in a system and fully control them.
  • Direct control of custom virtual com port from your application
  • High speed data exchange between virtual serial ports
  • Custom signal lines wiring new
Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control creates pairs of virtual rs232 ports in your system and lets your application fully control one of these custom virtual ports.
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I was in search on the web of any, just any software that emulates the work of RS-232 ports. I develop fiscal devices emulators and I need to test them. Finally I've found several solutions and yours between them. I've tested them all, and yours appeared to be the best among others that work alike. It is really easy to configure the work of VSPD, it so profound, but easy to use! Now I don't need extension cards and other stuff for my job! Your software replaced tons of cables, cards and other devices.

Alan Williamson